Below is the title, synopsis and link to each of Fr. John Mary’s homilies from Sundays and major feast days.  You can click on any specific entry to either listen to the homily or just read the main points.  Two asterisks (**) indicate key homilies for new listeners.  You can also use the button below to download a PDF file with individual links to these key homilies.

Your Life Can Bear Abundant Fruit

Like Abraham, we may feel bitter sadness at the lack of fruit in our lives. But God wants your life to bear abundant fruit. How can it be?


Jesus in the desert. Adam and Eve in the Garden. We, every day. The evil one is always attacking us. What should we do?

The Sacrament of Mercy

Jesus encounters a leper. Our sin is like leprosy of the soul. His Mercy offers us a Sacrament to liberate us from our sin. What did Jesus say to St. Faustina about this Sacrament?

Job – Help In Suffering

Job encounters the tormenting mystery of the suffering of the innocent. What can help us when we also encounter it?

Married or Unmarried?

St. Paul is answering questions about these different states. His responses are both challenging and comforting. What is the divine hope behind them?

Using Our Time Well

“The time is running out. … The world in its present form is passing away.” On this Sunday of the Word of God, St. Paul, Jonah the Prophet, and Our Lord Himself all speak of urgency. How can we make good use of our time?

Listening to God **

The young Samuel discovers that the Lord is speaking to him. God wants to speak to you, too. But we need to listen. How?

When God Hides Us

The radiant Epiphany of Jesus was immediately followed by the flight of the Holy Family. And Jesus lived most of the rest of his life hidden in ordinariness. What is God teaching us by these long years of hidden life?

With the Mother of God

As we begin this new year, Jesus gives us anew His Mother to help us in our journey.

The Presentation of the Lord

Mary and Joseph bring the Baby Jesus to be offered in the Temple. This event gives us two simple but profound examples for our lives.

Christmas in the Eyes of a Mystic

Sometimes our plans are ruined. Things don’t go as we expected. What was that first Christmas like for this young couple? This is a meditation from the Italian mystic Maria Valtorta.

Mary and the Power of Abandonment

Mary shows us the most effective path for helping our world. And it is available to you. What is this path?

Isaiah’s Prophecy of Joy

To His people who are suffering and discouraged, God reveals the joy He is preparing for them.

In the Desert, Prepare a Way

Many of us experience today a “desert” of loneliness and barrenness in our lives. How can St. John the Baptist’s life help us when we are “in the desert”?

The Lord of History

Isaiah laments the chaos and evil. He asks God why He has permitted this. We may ask the same question today.

Devastation and Triumph

We are living times of spiritual devastation. What is the hope that Christ the King brings?

His Parousia and MDM

What does “Parousia” mean? How does it encourage us? And how does this relate to MDM, which is celebrating its anniversary today?

Preparing for the Wedding Feast

The great and hidden mystery of our life: our call to union with God. How can we prepare for it?

Humility to Listen to God

Jesus criticizes the proud religious leaders of His time. Does this apply to the Church today? What is necessary for listening to God?

The Order of Love

Our hearts’ deepest desire is for love. But it is so often disappointed, even betrayed, in this world. How can we find authentic love?

When to Disobey

God and Cesar. Human authorities have caused great harm. When is disobedience legitimate?

Called to the Wedding

Fr. John Mary’s homily for today did not record due to technical issues.

The Devastated Vineyard

How does the experience of ancient Israel speak to us today in the Church? How can it help us in our crisis?

When Life Empties Us

Jesus “emptied” Himself. For us, life often does it to us, without our choosing it. But this can become the path to true, lasting exaltation.

To Live is Christ

“For to me life is Christ, and death is gain.” St. Paul’s words are simple and strong. How can they help us here understand our own life?

Three Helps to Forgiveness **

Forgiving is hard. But it is powerful for transforming our lives and defeating evil. What can help us forgive those who have hurt us?


God calls Ezechiel to be a watchman. A watchman can be the difference between life and death for a city. What does this mean for us?

You Duped Me, Lord

The prophetic Word of God conflicts with our human ideas. It can shock and challenge us. But it leads to happiness. Today’s readings give us 3 examples.

Against The Gates of Hell

Jesus proclaims Peter as the rock on which He will build His Church. At the same time, He reveals the attacks of evil against it, attacks that we are living today.

Freed from Demonic Possession

The evil one’s attacks are intense today, especially against the young and very young. What can we do when someone we know is “tormented by a demon”? Jesus presents this mother as an effective example.


Like Peter’s boat, sometimes we are overwhelmed by the storm and waves. We are losing control, even sinking, overcome by fear.

In Darkness, Hold on to His Promises

On this Feast of the Transfiguration, St. Peter calls us to keep our attention fixed on the prophetic words, like mariners with a lighthouse in a dark night.

Attacked, Anger, Vengeance: Psalm 69

Psalm 69, that we have excerpts from in today’s readings, speaks of intense suffering from evildoers.  It has an extended curse, calling down vengeance.  How is a christian to understand that?

Help Wanted!

“The harvest is abundant but the laborers are few.”  Jesus calls to us for help in this immense work for souls.  There are different ways to help.

The Mass Is Hard

Hard to believe. Many don’t. Why is it so hard to believe?

Trinity and “Gender”

“Gender issues” are much in the news today. How does the Mystery of the Holy Trinity help us understand being created male or female? We will consider 3 levels.

Our Cross and Pentecost

No moment in Jesus’ ministry seemed farther from the power of Pentecost than His Death on the Cross. Yet, mysteriously, the gift of the Holy Spirit flowed from His Sacrifice. What light does this shed for us today?

Drawing Our Gaze to Heaven

Jesus ascends visibly to Heaven, drawing our attention, our hope there. We easily forget about Heaven. But this life is always reminding us about heaven, if we know how to recognize these signs.

Words to Our Heart

Is this the summit of all Scripture? St. John transmits Jesus’ words at the Last Supper. Words of parting. Of promise. Of a mysterious Paraclete.

When Jesus Takes You Home

Our experience of death is from the death and dying of others. And that can be so hard. Jesus gives us a new light…

Life lessons…from sheep!

Isn’t that degrading?  The great King David, warrior and king, had begun as a shepherd. Yet he compares himself to a sheep.

Stay With Us, Lord

Two disciples are leaving Jerusalem, shaken and downcast over what has just happened to Jesus and the Church. Then they meet a mysterious stranger…

Not Seeing… Yet Believing

Thomas’ struggle to believe is given to us on Divine Mercy Sunday. In our lives, especially today, we also may not see, or sense, or feel God’s living presence, His Triumph. Our faith may struggle as well.

Light in Today’s Darkness

Easter Sunday – Where is the power of His Resurrection today? Is today’s feast just a brief escape from our grim reality?

Man of Sorrows

Good Friday – “My God, My God, why have You abandoned me?” Isaiah’s prophecy leads us from suffering to a mystery of mercy and hope.

Battle Against Darkness

Holy Thursday – The Mass of the Last Supper takes place in darkness. It is a battle against evil and darkness.

Being Emptied

To the world, Jesus’ death was like that of a “loser”.  But then what happened?

Extreme Faith

“Lord, if you had been here, my brother would not have died.” Lazarus, Mary Magdalene and Martha are good friends of Jesus. Why does He not seem to respond to them and heal Lazarus?

The Lambs of God

“Who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?”  Jesus sheds light on the dark scandal of innocent suffering.

No Recorded Homily

There was no recorded homily on this Sunday due to Fr. John Mary being ill.

Abraham’s Surprise And Yours

At 75, God calls Abraham to leave his home and set out for the Promised Land. What is this Promised Land? And what does this mean for you?

No Recorded Homily

There was no Mass or recorded homily on this Sunday due to members of the Community being ill.

‘Do Not Resist the Evildoer’

How are we to understand that? No one resists evil more than Jesus.

Rediscovering Love **

On this World Marriage Day, we recognize the crisis of love and marriage in our society today. How can Jesus lead us to authentic love? We focus on 3 points.

Know Nothing But Jesus Crucified

How can we be a light for the world today and share the Gospel with it?  St. Paul gives us an example. PLEASE NOTE:  We apologize, but this homily did not record properly due to technical issues.

The Path to Happiness

Each of us desire happiness. Jesus reveals the surprising way to the infinite beatitude that God has destined for His children.

Focus on His Will **

There are many good things to do. We may feel pulled in many directions.  How can we simplify our life?  St. Paul gives an example of focus.

How to Make the Most of Your Life **

We only have one life, and we face many challenges.  What is the decisive act that you can make today that leads to full happiness?

Signs of God’s Hidden Action

The Magi were sensitive to signs of God that others missed. By becoming attentive to those signs, we can discover the Holy Spirit’s mysterious action.

Behold Your Mother **

Is Catholic devotion to Mary not biblical? Is she an obstacle to direct contact with Jesus? Many of our Protestant brothers and sisters, and even many Catholics, have these concerns. How can the Gospels themselves help us understand her role in our lives?

The Shepherds’ Surprise

Ordinary, “unimportant” people. What did they experience that night?

The Passion of St. Joseph

The simple words of the Gospel hide the extreme suffering of St. Joseph when his betrothed is with child. What was that trial like? What can it teach couples, and all of us?

Waiting on the Lord

It is hard. We don’t like to wait. But why is it so effective?

The Fire of Justice

There is so much injustice in our world. We long for Justice. Jesus brings both Justice and Mercy.

Noah and Our Times

What does our Lord want to teach us today through the History of Noah?  What mysteries does it indicate?

Where Is His Kingship Today?

What happened to it?  In our world, evil often seems king, causing so much suffering.  But the Cross of Jesus sheds a light of hope on what we are living.

St. Paul’s Mysterious Prophecy

The Liturgy at this time of the year turns us to prophecy, to what is coming, to the Last Things. What is the mysterious message St. Paul gives to the Thessalonians?

Called to Divine Union

Hidden in Jesus’ words today is the mystery of what God is calling you to: the infinite joy, the fulfillment of your deepest desires in union with Him for eternity.

Life Changing Encounter

Meeting Jesus changes Zacchaeus’ life. St. John Paul II sees in it a model of how God’s Mercy comes to seek us. And how the Sacrament of Reconciliation can transform us.

3 Steps to Be Justified

Jesus gives us a simple, practical model that we can follow. It makes an eternal difference in our lives. One lie to reject. Two truths to acknowledge.

Battle and Prayer

The Israelites, on their journey to the Promised Land, have to fight against Amalek.  What is the Lord teaching us about the struggles we have to face?

The Power of Obeying God

Naaman is facing a terrible problem that he can’t overcome.  He learns how much his life can change by simple acts of obedience to God.  NOTE: This homily is bilingual, given first in Spanish and then English.

The Siege of Vienna

The prophet Habakkuk cries out in desperation “How long, O Lord?” like the people of Vienna under siege in 1683.  What does it mean to wait on the Lord?

What Is Beyond?

Man has always wondered what is beyond this life.  Anything?  Only Jesus can give us this vision of the eternal, beyond the limits of what we can see on earth. 

Is the Missionary Spirit Over?

To many it seems like it no longer has a place in our modern world. On the contrary, St. John Paul II, in his document on Missions, calls for a bold renewal of proclaiming Jesus today.

Freedom and Responsibility **

Today’s parable of the Prodigal Son often comes to my mind when speaking with parents who have rebellious children, who, for instance, no longer want to attend Mass. What light does this parable shed on these difficult situations?

A Young Man’s Search for Wisdom

Continuing our topic from last week, the mysterious Book of Wisdom leads us on the path of Divine Wisdom, friendship with God.

The Gift of Wisdom

In our confusing, dangerous world, we are overwhelmed with information. But true wisdom is in short supply. What is the wisdom that the Holy Spirit gives?

The Gift of Knowledge

How can we properly appreciate the magnificent creation that God has made for us, yet without making it an idol? And how can we discern what ideas are in accord with the Revelation Jesus has given us? The Gift of Knowledge sheds light on both of these.

What Should I Do?

We often face this question in our lives.  We have to make important and difficult choices.  By the Gift of Counsel, we can have the Holy Spirit’s divine guidance to help us.

The Gift of Understanding

There is so much in our life that is hard to understand, whose meaning is hidden, mysterious. By this gift, the Holy Spirit gives us a divine light to help us understand these mysteries better.

The Gift of Fortitude

We’re continuing our series on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. This gift, also called courage, is especially helpful in the struggles we are facing today. Jesus gives us the example.

Corpus Christi and the Gift of Piety

How can we offer God the worship that He deserves? What does this “old-fashioned” word piety really mean? How does it relate to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass?

The Trinity and Fear of the Lord

The Holy Trinity calls us to share Their life. The Gifts of the Holy Spirit help us do this. Today we consider the Gift of Fear of the Lord. What is it? Can fear be good and holy?

The Gifts of the Holy Spirit **

On this feast of Pentecost we consider, with St. Thomas Aquinas, how the Holy Spirit inspires us and helps us by His gifts, and how we can become more receptive to them.  Thus He can transform our life.

The End Is Only The Beginning **

The Ascension of Our Lord reminds us that the end of our life on this earth is only the beginning. If we are faithful to Him, our brief life on earth can continue to bear fruit into eternity, way beyond what we imagine.

Victory of Love in the Apocalypse – Part 3

Through the terrible battles and beasts of the Book of Revelations, the Lamb is Triumphant! What does the climax of His Wedding Feast reveal to us about our vocation?

The Beasts Of The Apocalypse – Part 2

The Book of Revelation alerts us to the strategies and attacks of the evil one today. But above all it gives us hope that God is leading history to His ultimate, eternal victory.

The Lamb, The Lord, The Apocalypse – Part 1

The Book of Revelation is addressed to us in our tribulation. This is the first of a series of 3 homilies on the Apocalypse. This is a vision of FAITH, in Jesus, the Lord of History.

Simon, Do You Love Me?

What would it be like if the Lord fixed His gaze on you and asked YOU this question? Do you really love Jesus?

Divine Mercy and the Apocalypse

(We apologize, but the homily for this Sunday did not record properly due to technical difficulties.  Fr. John Mary’s homily from last year’s Divine Mercy Sunday is posted on April 11, 2021.)

Easter: Evil Confronted And Defeated

The celebration of Easter is not a temporary flight from reality. It is part of the Paschal Mystery where Jesus exposes evil and confronts it. And He emerges victorious, to show us the way.

Jesus, Remember Me

In his darkest hour, in his final moment, one thief has the most unexpected encounter with God’s Mercy. What light does this shed for us?  (Please note:  The homily on 4-11-2022 did not record properly.  This is a similar homily from 4-14-19.)

Sin Encounters Mercy

A woman caught in adultery. Dragged to Jesus. What was this dramatic encounter like? And what can we learn from it?

When They Won’t Listen **

Sometimes we feel helpless, dealing with someone we love but who is making bad decisions and won’t listen. Like the Prodigal Son. Here are 5 things we can do.

The Desert…

The Desert is something we all experience in different ways. Scripture often speaks of it. Understanding its mysteries can give us hope.

When Faith Is Hard

Sometimes it is hard to believe in Jesus. Sometimes it seems impossible… How can the Transfiguration help?

Satan Tempts Jesus

What was that moment like?  How can it help us understand our temptations?

Resurrection of the Body

What does ‘Resurrection of the Body’ mean? What can we hope for?

The Grace of Forgiving **

Forgiving can be very hard, but also very powerful for our own liberation. Here is an exercise to help.

Margaret Foster’s Funeral

We have received a number of requests for this homily, so we are making it available. Margaret Foster could be considered the Matriarch of the Mission since without her the Mission would not exist.

Life Eternal

The Gospel doesn’t make sense if we are only thinking of our earthly life. Jesus reveals the fullness of life without end that He created us for.

When We Feel Unworthy

So much in our world is corrupt by sin. And we also are contaminated by sin. But our sense of unworthiness, far from excluding us, prepares us for our mission.

The Greatest Gift

St. Paul encourages us to seek the greatest gift of God: Agape

Abortion and Hope

January 22nd is the anniversary of the 1973 Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion throughout our nation. Today’s Gospel is a call to proclaim good news for the poor and oppressed. How can we be instruments of God’s love and truth and mercy in this issue that has affected all of us?

They Have No More Wine

This can represent the lack of joy and love in a marriage, or in our lives. In that situation, what is the Holy Spirit teaching us in the Gospel?

Healing With The Rosary

We have all experienced wounds and pain. The Mysteries of the Rosary are an opportunity to spend time with the Holy Family. And to let the Holy Spirit bring healing to the different stages of our life.

The Merciful Love of His Birth

Mary experienced like no other this mystery of God entering our broken world. What would she like to say to us today?

Mary’s Visits To Us Continue

“But who am I, that the Mother of My Lord should come to Me.” At the Visitation, Mary brings Jesus to Elizabeth. She continues bringing Him to us today.

Prophetic Evangelization

St. John the Baptist and today’s feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe show us how effective God’s prophetic gifts can be for unleashing the transformative power of the Gospel. And how we can participate.

Hope for the New Jerusalem

How does the prophecy of Baruch in the darkest days of Gods’ people give us hope for the Church today?

An Era of Peace?

Is there is a coming Era of Peace in Jesus? How do the Scriptures of Advent shed a light of hope of our times? And what relevance does it have for our little MDM? Here is one link to read more on this subject:

The 20th Anniversary of MDM

On the Feast of Christ the King, our little Mission of Divine Mercy is now 20 years old.  How can its spirit help you with the challenges you are facing? Fr. John Mary discusses the book “I Am Sending You Prophets” in this homily.  Information on this book can be found on this website on the ‘Our Charism, Faith & Prophecy’ page.

School of Love & Powerful Hope

Purgatory is God’s Mercy for a suffering world. It is a school of love and a powerful hope.

The Bigness of Our Littleness

We can sometimes feel spiritually very poor. The gospel today shows the hidden potential in that poverty.

The Gift of Clarity

In our complex, confusing world, it is not easy to know what is most important, what is the priority that we need to focus on. Jesus gives us the gift of clarity with a strong, clear answer.

Your Priesthood

You are called to help liberate humanity from evil, and transform it in holiness. How do you, as a baptized Christian, share in the priesthood of Jesus, our great High Priest?

Our Misery, His Mercy

We are currently living times of great need, and we also experience our weakness, as today’s reading from Hebrews says.  What is the encouraging invitation that the Holy Spirit gives us today?

The Desire for Something More

This rich young man comes to Jesus, seeking something more.  He senses something is lacking.  What can we learn from this for our own quest?

What Is Marriage?

In our world, powerful forces are redefining marriage.  Is the traditional understanding of marriage outdated?

Guilt, Good or Bad?

People often complain of Catholic guilt.  The readings today may seem an example.  What is valid in this criticism?  Is there a positive role for guilt?

Who Is The Greatest?

We often compare ourselves to others and want to be first.  This causes many conflicts.  Is there a better path to true greatness?

Get Behind Me, Satan!

Jesus’ words to Peter are severe.  He needs to prepare Peter for the great trial that is coming.  And He wants to show us today how to prepare for our challenges.

Ephphatha: Be Open

The deaf-mute man in the Gospel is isolated by his difficulties to communicate.  Isolation, and difficulties in communicating is something we can all face.  How can the Holy Spirit help us escape this isolation?

Seven Tips For Improvement **

There is a lot that we can’t change.  But there is also a lot we can.  Here are seven easy, practical tips to improve our life.

Will You Also Go Away?

Jesus asks us the same question as He asked His disciples.  He is revealing a Mystery which is hard to believe, yet has the power to transform our world: His Sacrifice is made present when the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is offered.

Hope and the Assumption

Our Blessed Mother’s Assumption is a great cause of hope for us. By this hope, we can already begin sharing the life of Paradise, even though we are still suffering on earth.

Three Steps to Faith

Today, many are losing their faith. Faith is hard. Is there anything you can do for your faith? Jesus, in this Gospel, show us the 3 key elements of an act of faith.


There are many important things that we can’t see. But, as Jesus shows in today’s Gospel, God gives us signs to lead us from what is visible to what is invisible. To His Real Presence.

A Real Superhero

We hear a lot about superheroes today. We wish someone would come to save us from evil. What if there was a real one…

Wake Up, Lord

In the storm that we are facing, it can seem as if the Lord is sleeping. Not paying attention. Doesn’t care. We feel like the disciples in the Gospel today.

The Blood of the New Covenant

What is a Covenant? Why is it so important to God? Why is it so important to your life?

That Your Joy May Be Complete

The feast of the Holy Trinity leads us to the ultimate Mystery.  We are called to share in it.  We experience sorrow now, but Jesus wants to give us His Joy.  Full.  Without limit or end.

From the Cross to Pentecost

Our situation today, including in the Church, can seem very far from the graces of Pentecost. It may seem more like the Cross. And yet, there is a mysterious relation between the Cross and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

Cold Case Christianity

Did Jesus really rise from the dead? A cold case homicide detective, an atheist, uses his investigative techniques to see where the evidence leads.

“So I have Loved You”

“As the Father has loved Me, so have I loved you; abide in My love.” These simple words of Jesus, before His death, leads us into an infinite mystery: how much He loves you. Before being a call to give, Christians life is an opportunity to receive…infinite Love.

Is God Pruning You?

“He prunes so that it bears more fruit.” Jesus’s words shed a light of hope on hard parts of our life. And what we are experiencing in our world, and in the Church, right now. Even when something is done by evil, our Father can use it to help us bear more fruit. Fruit that will last forever…

The Only Savior

Peter is facing powerful forces, trying to destroy Jesus and His Church. So are we today. Peter boldly proclaims Jesus. “There is salvation in no one else.” There is a solution to the worst problems of our world. There is only one: Jesus.

Escape From Evil to Jesus

Easter is rooted in the Passover, the escape from slavery. Our world is cruelly oppressed by evil. How can we escape? St. Peter’s preaching shows us the 2 keys: recognizing our sin and trusting in Jesus’ Mercy. Repent, and believe the Good News.

Trust Jesus

Thomas, like us, struggles to believe because of all the evil he has experienced. Jesus reveals that the terrible darkness has become the path to the Resurrection, and the victory of Mercy. He calls for our cooperation: to trust in Him, to believe without seeing.


We will see much more that is bad and sad in our world. What has changed? The Resurrection of Jesus shows that this is only the beginning. It reveals the eternal fullness of life, of joy, that is open to us.

Jesus Speaks of His Passion

Jesus proclaims He is the King of Sorrows through the accounts of the mystic Maria Valtorta’s meditations on His Passion on the Cross.

The Mass and The Great Escape

Holy Thursday takes us back to the Hebrews oppressed in Egypt. How could they be free? God’s answer prefigures something mysterious: Jesus’ sacrifice. It is the realistic, effective solution to the oppression of will. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass makes this present for us today.

My God, Why Have You Abandoned Me?

Jesus is citing Psalm 22 from the cross. This Psalm shows the extreme trial of feeling abandoned by God. We also may experience that feeling; but this Psalm, from the agony of abandonment, leads us with Jesus to trust and hope in our God.

If It Dies, It Bears Much Fruit

In our life, there are many losses, many “deaths”. They are especially hard because we can’t see the big picture. Jesus reveals the big picture and our Father’s eternal plans for us through the power of abandonment.

Why Faith in Jesus Matters

“…He who does not believe is condemned already.” (John 3:18) These words of Jesus are shocking in our society of so many different beliefs.  How can we understand them?

Fighting Corruption Effectively

Jesus, with righteous anger, cleanses the Temple, protesting the corruption of the Sacred Institutions of His people. We are facing much corruption today, including in the Church. What lessons can we learn from Jesus about how to fight this effectively?

A Life That Bears Fruit

As Fr. John Mary reflects on the story of Abraham and God’s promise of His fruitfulness, we must realize that the fruitfulness that God wants us to bear, as with Abraham, only comes from union with God.

The Desert of Mother Teresa

The desert is a dry, barren, desolate place without life. This homily reflects on the lives of great saints who encountered an interior desert of the soul, but also experienced a purification and transformation through the graces of the Holy Spirit.

Job and the Scandal of Suffering

In the Book of Job, Job is screaming out his pain and confusion: how can God permit this?  It leads us into the unfathomable mystery of God’s loving Providence and human suffering. Fr. John Mary’s homily discusses the book of Job and the realization that God’s goodness and justice are an infinite mystery to us. Like Job, we may not get an explanation for our sufferings and trials, but by following God in trust, we too will receive peace.

Virginity and Marriage for the Lord

The new Christians of Corinth were asking St. Paul about virginity and marriage. He reveals the new way of living these, living our whole life for the Lord, for an eternal happiness.

Time Is Short; Using It Well

St. Paul reminds us that our time on earth is short.  What is earthly is passing.  The time given to each of us is precious.  How can we use it well?

Speak, Lord, Your Servant Is Listening

The young Samuel discovers that the Lord wants to speak to him. God wants to speak to you, too. But we need to listen. How?

Our Victory Over the World

In His Baptism, Jesus begins His open battle against “the world” and it’s ruler, Satan.  As Christians we are in this battle also.  By faith in Jesus, we can be victorious.

St. Joseph’s Effective Warfare Strategy

The Epiphany highlights a critical and vulnerable moment in the great spiritual battle that we all are in.  In St. Joseph we see God’s surprising strategy that we can all learn from.

New Year, Protection of the Heart of Mary

In these times that we are living, where our faith is under attack, her heart is a fortress where we can take refuge.  Consecration to her Immaculate Heart is an effective way to do this.

Introducing Sacred Silence Into Our Family **

Families today face so many challenges. They are under attack. St. Joseph helps us to discover a simple, powerful help: the grace of silent prayer together as a family.

In the Time of War, a New David

Christmas this year has been especially hard. Like in a time of war, because it is a war. Jesus is the new David, born to lead His people to liberation from evil.

Discover the Power of Abandonment to God

Mary shows us the most effective path for helping our world. And it is available to you. “Be it done to me according to Your Word.”

God’s Word to You, The Hope of Joy

By accepting the prophetic word of God, the Holy Spirit can lead you to the Eternal, Infinite Joy that Jesus calls you to.

Awaiting New Heavens and a New Earth

Fr. John Mary emphasizes the importance for being ready of the New Advent, Judgement Day and the newly created Jerusalem, the Church, with waited patience and anticipation. Now is a preparation period of mercy and conversion.

Jesus, The Lord of History

During the Advent season, Fr. John Mary reminds us to trust and have faith. With oppression of sin, corruption and darkness in the world, Our Lord Jesus Christ is in control today and throughout history to guide His faithful to the great reunion in His Kingdom.

Thy Kingdom Come

Fr. John Mary’s homily reflects on phrases of the prayer, Our Father, and how His Kingdom can reign through the faithful by our willingness to surrender to HIM and fostering a spirit of faith so that God can act.

His Justice is Coming

Fr. John Mary’s homily for Sunday, November 15th discusses our hope in God’s Divine Mercy and Justice. Scriptures often refer to the “Coming of the Lord” and how that should be our guide and focus during this life to give us Hope. Although we often witness evil and injustices seem to triumph during our earthly life, our strength is in God’s Divine Mercy and Justice.

The Elections, Trusting in God

Fr. John Mary reminds us that all is in God’s Hands no matter how confusing or distressing events may be in our lives. We must always have Faith and Trust in God’s Divine Plan knowing that God uses EVERYTHING for the good of those that love Him.

Climbing the Mountain of Mystery

Fr. John Mary’s homily on All Saints Day, Sunday, November 1, 2020. Fr. discusses the difficult journey in this life and the confusion, frustration and sometimes despair many people experience. The Saints are there to help and encourage us since they also climbed the same difficult path to reach the Kingdom of God.

The Order of Love

Fr. John Mary’s homily discusses the two most important commandments from Jesus given to us in the gospel Matthew 22:34-40. We must always keep these commandments in the proper order by loving God with all our hearts, soul and mind first and foremost.

Priorities as a Catholic Citizen

Fr. John Mary’s homily discusses the issue on how we are to be good citizens IN the world without being OF the world. By putting God’s law before man’s law, we not only become good Christian citizens, but an example to others to live their lives in LOVE and TRUTH.

Your Call to the Wedding Feast

Jesus is inviting us to the Wedding Feast of the Lord when we unite ourselves with Him in Holy Communion. Respond by clothing yourself in trust, faith and righteous deeds and stand among those who are blessed to be called to the banquet of the Lord.

Addressing the Pain of Abortion

Sunday’s Respect for Life homely expands on the most controversial human rights issue of the day – abortion.  Fr. John Mary gives us greater insight on this delicate issue and how to extend a loving, merciful hand to those who favor the “right to choose”.


In Fr. John Mary’s homily, he focuses on the word “EMPTIED” from the gospel reading, from the teachings of St. John of the Cross in “Dark Night of the Soul”, and through the wisdom of St. Paul on having the same attitude as Christ Jesus – Emptied, Humbled and Obedient.

For Me, Life is Christ

Jesus draws us in union with Him and the dignity and vocation of the human person is rooted in this union with Christ. It is the direction and reason for our life, and nobody or circumstance can separate us from the love of our Lord.

Helps for Forgiveness

Fr. John Mary helps us escape the bonds of evil by teaching us three fundamental exercises to liberate us from Satan’s poison of ‘unforgiveness’. We are called to exemplify the crucified Jesus who asked for forgiveness of others while nailed to the cross.

Making Sense of This Life

God continues to speak to us and calls us to unite with Him in heaven. We must follow Jesus, our shepherd, to lead us through this mysterious exodus to our place of inheritance.

Not Knowing the Future

We do not always realize the consequence of our decisions in life. But through discerning God’s will for us, we will follow His path of love and not be conformed to the spirit of the age or this world.

The Gates of Hell

Scripture state that “Upon this rock I will build my Church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” This passage is a key indication of the spiritual battle that will exist between the Church and evil forces throughout salvation history. Only through our faith in the Lord will we find peace during the battle.

Tormented by a Demon

Fr. John Mary discusses the manner in which we can approach Jesus with our requests by having true humility, love and faith so that God can act. 

A Still, Small Voice

Is God speaking to you?  Are you listening?

All You Who Thirst

This homily relates to the Lord’s invitation for those who are thirsty and want consoling from their deepest desires. We need to listen to the Holy Spirit’s guidance to direct us towards the living waters of Jesus to fulfill our soul’s deepest desires of the heart.

The Spirit Comes to Our Aid

Fr. John Mary’s homily reflects on our ability to pray with ease and our inability to pray due to our weaknesses. We must be humble and not fall into the sin of pride but rely on the Holy Spirit for guidance through humility and trust.

Kibeho, Receiving a Prophet

God is continuing to send His prophets and His true prophetic messages to guide us to Jesus, especially in distressing times. God wants us to receive His prophets and to receive a prophet’s reward.

Who to Fear

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, a level of fear and anxiety is rampant in our society. Fr. John Mary’s homily tells us to do not be afraid, but receive graces through our acts of trust and maintain a union with God. Jesus, I Trust in You.

Unity With the Holy Trinity

Keeping a spirit of unity within our society and personal lives can be very difficult if we are not in communion with the Holy Spirit. On the Feast of the Holy Trinity, today’s homily challenges us to desire and love unity as Jesus did and not be destroyers of unity in today’s world.

Humility Draws the Holy Spirit

Difficult trials that we are going through today can be part to the cross that empties and humbles us to receive the light of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit needs our lowliness and our emptiness so that we can be filled with Him.

The Mysterious Plans of God – Spanish

March 15, 2020

The Mysterious Plans of God

Jesus is asking us to have an act of Faith and Trust so that His graces can flow to us and the world. There is the mystery of God who is ever present and acting to lead everything accordingly to His plans and to make all things work to the good of those who love Him.

Abraham’s Life Revealing Ours

As Abraham had a personal call from God, we too are being called to a journey of faith and hope. And with the help of the Holy Spirit, God will be able to do abundantly more for us than what we could possibly ask.

Escaping Sin in Our Foundation

Fr. John Mary’s homily reflects on the biblical story of Eve’s temptation from the great deceiver, Satan, and the consequences of her disobedience and lack of trust in God. With disobedience, comes death and all the pain that we live through each day which began at that moment of Eve’s disobedience.

Resisting Evil

Fr. John Mary breaks down the truth and message of the biblical quote, “…an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth…” and how Jesus teaches us to be responsible and charitable to ourselves by destroying the power of the evil one and becoming eternally and truly victorious.

Our World Needs Wisdom

Society spends a lot of resources and billions of dollars in education – so much learning. But how much time and resources goes into cultivating wisdom, Divine Wisdom? We have a crisis of wisdom and we need to realize that Divine Wisdom is the only thing which will make a difference for all eternity.

The Mystery of God

So many people today hunger for God who can embrace us in the deepest intimacy that the human heart waits for. But where do we find the Mystery of God? We find it in Jesus Christ, crucified, who is the way, the truth and the life.

El Misterio de Dios

February 9, 2020

Consecrated Life, A Special Call

We are all consecrated to God by our Baptism, but some are called to follow Jesus in a special way – to consecrate their lives entirely to Him. If the Holy Spirit should call you in a special way to consecrate your life entirely to Him, listen, pray and have faith. Let God act in you.

Sharing God’s Life by Accepting His Word

Secular society imagines a world in which God doesn’t exist, but Scripture shows us a God who is a Father and who wants to be close to His children and speak to His children. Fr. John Mary asks the question if God still speaks to us today like He spoke through the prophets in the Scriptures.

Making the Most of My Life

Jesus is the one person who knows best as to how to make the most of one’s life. He used His life to the maximum and is an example to all of us on how to embrace our particular mission in life and be obedient to God’s plan. “Here I am Lord, I come to do your will.”

A Hidden Mystery Inside You

The Feast of the Baptism of Jesus reminds us of the infinite grace we receive during baptism when the Holy Spirit comes to dwell within us. It is a sanctifying grace. By becoming aware of Him and spending time with Him, we can let Him begin to inspire and transform our lives.

Key Advice from the Epiphany

In today’s world, many feel lost and confused on what God wills for their lives. Using the example of the Magi, Fr. John Mary gives us steps to seek and choose the will of God in our daily lives.

Mary Leads Us to Jesus

What might our Blessed Mother want to say to us tonight? Her only desire is always to bring us to Jesus.

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