Bethany Association

The Bethany Association is open to all who consider themselves to be friends of the Mission, and who have extended their friendship to the MDM community through their presence, their prayer, their interest, volunteer time or financial support.

By the simple action of entering their names into the Bethany Association, these individuals let our community know that they consider themselves to be our friends — and that is a great joy for us.  There are no meetings or dues.  Membership does not require that someone lives close by; in fact, some Bethany members have never set foot on our property.  But even if the structure is simple, we wanted the bonds of friendship joining us to be strong.  Creating the Bethany Association was our way of strengthening those bonds.

Because our fellowship with God and with each other grows stronger in a special way during Mass, and indeed, any time that we pray together, or for each other, Bethany Associates and their intentions are remembered in our daily prayers as a community, and as the particular intention of our Mass every Sunday.  And finally, at Christmas, as a special gift, we offer a novena of Masses from Christmas Eve through New Year’s Day for our Bethany friends.

The choice of the name “Bethany” comes from the fact that Bethany was the home of Martha, Mary Magdalene and their brother, Lazarus.  These people were not just Jesus’ disciples; they were His friends.  They welcomed Jesus and wanted Him to feel at home at Bethany.  MDM wanted to acknowledge that there are many people who have extended friendship to the Community.  Some are the people who made us feel at home in New Braunfels when we first arrived.  Others are of more recent acquaintance.  Still others are people who know us through our Meditations and on-line presence and say that they feel drawn to pray for the Mission.  We want all these people to feel part of the Mission, to be joined to us through prayer and friendship, no matter where they live.

If you want to become a member of the Bethany Association, just use the button below.

Bethany Association Collage