Sacramentals are material objects or substances that have been formally blessed by a priest so that they may dispel evil and become vehicles of Jesus’ Grace.  Some commonly recognized Sacramentals include the Crucifix, the Rosary, the Scapular, religious medals, statues and images.

But Sacramentals also include Holy Water, Blessed Oil, Blessed Salt and Blessed Candles.  Through the blessing of the priest, they transcend their simple material identities of salt, water, olive oil and wax and become vessels of Divine Grace.  They can be used anywhere and everywhere.

Fr. John Mary Blessing Sacramentals

The Mission does its best to make sure that Catholics always have access to these powerful spiritual weapons and sources of protection.

Every month a new batch of salt, water, olive oil (Blessed Oil must always be olive oil) and candles is blessed by our priest with solemn prayers that are specific to each element.  Very significantly, he uses an ancient formula that includes a prayer of material exorcism.  With this prayer, Father casts out any potential evil presence from that element and then by the power of Jesus Christ blesses the item and commands that it bear forth that Presence, dispelling any demonic influence wherever it is used.  In other words, including the prayer of exorcism, is like adding another level of power and protection to these Sacramentals.

The Sacramentals are located in the old camp house and across from St. Michael’s Hall.