Encounter With Jesus

An Encounter With Jesus (EWJ)  is a silent retreat that offers people the opportunity of a living encounter with Our Lord Jesus present in the Eucharist.  It introduces the retreatants to silent prayer and Eucharistic Adoration in a way that is adapted to today’s situation.  The EWJ  retreats were developed and offered by the Mission of Divine Mercy at the Mission.

Many people today, youth and adults, experience profound confusion, difficulties, and sufferings.  They, we, need Jesus.  Only Jesus can respond to our deepest wounds.  Above all, we need not just ideas or feelings, but personal contact with Jesus Himself.  He is the true “Bread of Life” for the spiritual hunger of today.

The Encounter with Jesus  offers the opportunity to discover Him through prayer of the heart, and through His Real Presence in the Eucharist.

The Retreat Is:

  • Silent!  Retreatants are silent from Thursday night until Sunday at noon.
  • Organized around simple teaching sessions on the path of silent prayer and encountering Jesus in the Sacred Mysteries.
  • A balance of structured time and unstructured time where the retreatant is free to pray, walk, read or rest.
  • A Roman Catholic retreat, but also open to non-Catholics.
  • Restricted to either men or women, on a given weekend, due to our dormitory-style accommodations.
  • Offered in English or Spanish, according to the weekend.
  • For individuals of 18 years or older.
Encounter With Jesus Retreat


This is not for us a business transaction.  It is a Christian act of service, and of faith that He will provide.  No one will be excluded for lack of money.  Thus, our policy is the following:


Beyond that, we charge no fee for the Encounter.  Once you have experienced the Encounter, we invite you to give a donation as you freely choose to support MDM.

Our Mission relies entirely on donations.  There are a lot of expenses in offering this retreat and sustaining this Mission with its many functions.  God bless you for your help.

Please see our main Retreat page for our current retreat schedule and the registration links (when available).