The Mission

The Mission of Divine Mercy is both our Community’s home and the place where we carry out our ministry.  It is largely rural, lightly developed acreage which we treasure as a place where community members and others can seek God’s Presence and Mercy in His Sacraments, in adoration before the Eucharist, and in the beauty of the natural surroundings with which we are blessed.

It is important to understand that the Mission is not a parish, nor a substitute for a parish.  We are a spiritual resource for the people of the San Antonio Archdiocese and beyond.

An Introduction to the Mission of Divine Mercy

This six-minute video offers a simple introduction to our religious community, our apostolate, and our prophetic mission.

Visiting The Mission

Prayer Station in Meadow at MDM

Everyone is welcome to visit the Mission during our regular weekday office hours.  On weekends, we are open for Mass on Saturday and Sunday.  Please see our SCHEDULE page for exact times.

The Mission is a combination of well-tended park-like areas, and wild rocky hillsides crisscrossed by rough trails.  You are welcome to come and spend time at one of our Chapels, or enjoy a quiet prayer spot, or visit multiple prayer stations.  Walking With Jesus and Mary is a prayerful, printed guide to our various prayer stations and is available at St. Raphael’s.  If you wish to use our network of more rugged trails, then we ask you to stop in and sign a waiver at St. Raphael’s.

Go In Peace...

“The journey on which you go is under the eye of the Lord.”
(Judges 18:6)

A Photo Tour Of The Mission

St. Raphael’s Office & Welcome Center

St. Raphael’s

As you enter through the Mission gates, St. Raphael’s is the building immediately on your right.  It functions as an office building and Welcome Center.

Msgr. O’Callaghan Divine Mercy Center

Msgr. O’Callaghan Divine Mercy Center (OCC)

This building provides kitchen, dining and conference facilities for our retreats, and meeting space for staff and community.

St. Michael’s Hall

St. Michael’s Hall

This is our original multi-purpose building and was used as a gathering space and conference hall before we built the O’Callaghan Divine Mercy Center.  More recently it has functioned as a dorm facility for our retreatants.

Most Blessed Sacrament Chapel

Most Blessed Sacrament Chapel

This Chapel was created from a wing of St. Michael’s Hall.  While small in size, it is the only totally enclosed Chapel on the Mission property.  As the name indicates, the Blessed Sacrament is present.

Public bathrooms

Public Bathrooms

Always good to know where bathrooms are located!

Camp House Sacramentals

Camp House / Sacramentals

Our Sacramentals are located in the old camp house.  This was the only structure on the property when the Community purchased it in 2004.

St Joseph's Chapel

St. Joseph’s Chapel

Begun in 2005, St. Joseph’s Chapel is our primary Chapel.  Because it is so open, the Blessed Sacrament is not kept in the Chapel.


Adjacent to St. Joseph’s Chapel are three small structures that serve as confessionals.

Tepeyac Hill

Tepeyac Hill

Tepeyac Hill is the site of our outdoor Sanctuary.  It is named after the location where Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared to St. Juan Diego in Mexico in 1531.

St Annes Pavilion

St. Anne’s Pavilion

The pavilion adjacent to the Teocalli provides protected, easily accessible seating for individuals with special needs.

Sacristy & Vesting Building

Sacristy & Vesting

This building is a combination sacristy, vesting and small meetings facility for priests and acolytes.



This is our outdoor Sanctuary which was built to allow for large special occasions such as Divine Mercy Sunday.  “Teocalli” means “little House of God” in Nahuatl, the native language used by Our Lady of Guadalupe when speaking to St. Juan Diego.

Appropriate Dress

Mission Chic

The Mission is consecrated ground; it is our Community’s home.  We welcome anyone who wants to visit the Mission.  We simply ask that they respect our request for clothing that is appropriate for a place consecrated to Our Lord and His Blessed Mother, and in coming to Mass that they dress in a manner that shows reverence for the occasion.  Father wears his vestments, the altar servers put on their albs, and the congregation wears clothes that are appropriate for attending Mass.

Knee Length Hemlines


Modest Necklines

Loose Fitting

No Shorts

No Tank Tops

No Low-Cut Necklines

No Mid-Thigh Hemlines

Also, be alerted that the Mission terrain is fairly rough and rocky, with few paved walkways.  Good walking shoes are helpful; high heels are not.  We appreciate your help in making others aware of our request for appropriate dress while attending Mass at the Mission.

We think Our Lord appreciates it too.