The focus of our apostolates is on the Person of Jesus and His Eucharistic Presence; and on the hope that His mercy gives. This is the essence of what we hope to share with others.

We are neither a parish nor a substitute for a parish. We want to be a resource for the Archdiocese, as a monastery, sanctuary of Divine Mercy and retreat center. 

Most of our apostolic work takes place at the Mission. Centering our apostolates here helps us to maintain our contemplative and community life. But it also has advantages for those who come, because it gives them a chance to experience the consecrated life of the Mission.



We are located on approximately 130 acres in the Texas Hill Country. Our property, officially known as the Mission of Divine Mercy, is usually just referred to as “the Mission.” The Mission serves three purposes:

• Monastery – It is the home of our religious community.

• Sanctuary – It is a place where people can find peaceful solitude in natural surroundings for prayer and contemplation.

• Retreat Center – It is the site where we offer our
retreat apostolate.

It is very important to note that as a monastery, we are
not a parish. We cannot offer the Sacraments of Marriage, Baptism, First Communion, First Penance or Confirmation.


As a monastic community, our first apostolate is prayer. The public is welcome to share in our public prayer times, Masses
and Holy Hours of Eucharistic Adoration. We also offer the Sacrament of Confession.


The Mission Seeks to be a sanctuary of Divine Mercy where people can come for little visits or “pilgrimages.”  Here they can spend a couple of hours peacefully and prayerfully drawing closer to Our Lord and heeding His call to immerse themselves in His “ocean of mercy.”

We have spent much time and effort gentling areas of our wild hill country landscape to provide opportunities and places that encourage people to pause and pray. Situated across our 130 acres are many little outdoor shrines and prayer stations where individuals or small groups can feel comfortable coming to pray or meditate. One significant station is centered on a large outdoor Rosary with a life-size Crucifix, the creation and offering of a local artist.

Retreat Center

Retreats are perhaps the most notable feature of our


A four-day silent retreat leading to a profound encounter with Him. An introduction to silent prayer and adoration of Jesus in the Eucharist.


A simple retreat offering an extended time with Jesus through adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. It is only open to those who have made an EWJ.


Simple prayerful mornings during which we share the spirit and spirituality of MDM with people who are new to the Mission. It is open to individuals and groups.


This retreat is held during Holy Week. It begins Holy Thursday evening and concludes Easter Sunday morning. It offers the opportunity to live these high holy days in quiet reflection while attending all or some of the solemn liturgical services.

The Mission is not a facility to be rented out. It is the home of our religious community, and we do not rent out our home. Our mission is not the administration of facilities, but rather invoking and furthering awareness of God’s Divine Mercy through our contemplative life and our apostolic activities. The property provides the physical means for such efforts.

Do you wish to volunteer?

From the very beginning of our Community’s existence, God has blessed us with many good lay friends who have volunteered their time, talents and prayers in an effort to help us carry out the ministry to which God has called us. It seems that every time we have needed some special skill or talent, God has presented us with the person who could offer it. But most of the time what we need are friendly people who are willing to pitch in on a simple project. 

If you would like to volunteer at the Mission, God bless you! Learn about volunteer opportunities or tell us about your skills.

Our Emblem & Our Logo

The Mission of Divine Mercy has always been represented by an Emblem and a logo. In the simplest terms, the logo represents the human part of the Mission and the Emblem represents the spiritual. They serve different purposes. Together, the Emblem and logo help to convey the totality of MDM’s work and ministry.





Our Emblem and logo serve different purposes. Our logo, with its silhouette of the Teocalli, represents the human part of the Mission. Our Emblem, with its Cross and wounded Sacred Heart, represents the spiritual.

Our logo denotes the physical and human part of the Mission — the land itself, the buildings, activities, staff and volunteers. It can be used on work shirts, caps, identity badges, buildings, etc. In other words, it encompasses all that aids the Community in our ministry to draw down God’s grace for those who come here physically or in spirit.

The Emblem is very different; it is sacred, and worn only by the Community members on the front of our habits. It is a simple image that denotes the spiritual aspects of the Mission: Faith, Humility and Obedience — and represents the offerings that each one makes in union with Christ’s Offering on the Cross.

The elements that make up the Emblem are:

• The Cross of Light
This signifies the Light of the New Evangelization. The blinding
Light that will chase away the darkness.

• The Sacred Heart with Flames
This is a sign of Jesus’ love and mercy, and of His direct intervention and actions on our behalf. The Fire signifies His Love that consumes all that is not of God, making us a pure and acceptable offering of love to the Father.

• The Thorns, Wound and Drops of Blood
These signify the suffering that He endured for us, and in which we may be asked to participate. They are visible signs of the price of true Faith, true Obedience and true Humility.

Together, the Emblem and logo help to convey the totality of the Mission of Divine Mercy’s work and ministry.

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