Staff & Volunteers

The Mission of Divine Mercy religious community is still very small in number.  Too small for all the work that must be done.  But from the beginning, the Lord has blessed us with many good and talented lay people who help us to carry out His Mission.  This help includes paid staff, volunteer staff, professionals and regular volunteers.  So often when we needed some special skill or talent, God sent us the right person for the task.  But most of the time what we need are simply friendly people willing to pitch in to get a project done.

Do You Wish to Volunteer?

There is a really wide range of areas and opportunities that need volunteers: kitchen, gardening, library, cart driving, office, computer input, plumbing, ushering, carpentry and cleaning—to name only a few!

If you would like to volunteer at the Mission, God bless you!  To learn about volunteer opportunities or to tell us about your skills, please use the button below or email our volunteer coordinator, Ken Bates, at