A Memorial For Your Loved One

“Between the Holy Souls and us is a relationship of profound mutual love and respect.”

Over the years people have asked us for a way to memorialize their loved one at the Mission.  We asked God to show us an appropriate means and we believe that He inspired us with an approach that would allow people to not just acknowledge their loved ones and support the Mission, but also help remind and encourage all visitors to the Mission of our sacred obligation to pray for the Holy Souls in Purgatory.

We have created a handsome esplanade around our Holy Souls Memorial Shrine using bricks engraved with the names of the departed.  These memorial bricks are not only a testament to your loved one, but also a reminder to pray for them and all such souls.  Significantly, the esplanade is adjacent to our MDM community cemetery.

We invite you to purchase a brick in memory of someone who has died.  This is an act of love, respect and remembrance.  Your memorial will be part of a sacred space on consecrated ground.

Each 4×8 brick is priced at $350.  The bricks allow for up to three lines of text and can accommodate 18-21 characters per line.  Please note: Only 18 spaces per line are guaranteed.  Characters include all punctuation and spaces.

Holy Souls Memorial

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