Amici Christi

The lay branch of MDM is the Amici Christi, which is Latin for “Friends of Christ.”  They are the “legs and feet” that carry the Message of Mercy out into the world in which they live.  Amici Christi  members are called to the vocation of the lay faithful, which is distinct from that of priests, religious, or a consecrated layperson, but it is still a vocation, a call from the Holy Spirit.

As a group, the members of Amici Christi  come together once a month to meet and pray with the Community.  They also make a commitment to daily individual prayer.  Their mission is to help extend God’s Mercy throughout the world by accepting the opportunity the Lord gives them in their particular circumstances of life.

Someone who is interest in becoming a member of Amici Christi should:

  1. Feel drawn to the spiritual path of the Mission of Divine Mercy.
  2. Have made an Encounter With Jesus  retreat.
  3. Make an appointment with the coordinator (Deacon Bob Gorman) to discuss becoming a member.

A person who feels called to the Amici Christi  makes an application and then goes through a two-year period of discernment.  After the discernment period, those who request admission and are approved then go through a two-year novitiate.  At the end of the novitiate, they make a profession that is renewed yearly during the weekend of Divine Mercy Sunday.

Novices becoming Amici Christi Professed Members after four years of formation: 

Amici Christi Medal
Amici Christi Ceremony