Messages of Faith and Trust

Daily Messages


As you draw closer to the Holy Spirit, to the embrace of the Trinity, you are drawn closer to the essence, the reason, the origin of all the Holy Spirit does and is: LOVE. LOVE and the desire for an everlasting union with you. And when life is difficult, even frightening, you must hold on, and be firmly rooted in His love, without a shadow of a doubt that His love for you is real and true — this allows Him to work His marvels in and through you for the salvation of all. BELIEVE IN THE HOLY SPIRIT’S LOVE FOR YOU. Do not be afraid. Go to Him simply, and He will help you.


Pause for a moment to meditate on something very simple, yet very profound: THE HOLY SPIRIT IS A PERSON. Not a bird, or a flame, but a Person who wishes you to come to know and love Him. Who wants to spend time with you. Speaking with you. Allow the Holy Spirit to guide you into the depths of believing His Words, His Promises and His Love.


Ask the Holy Spirit to help you make this Act of Faith and Trust, this surrender to His Love. Ask Him to teach you, to show you how to make this act. Believe that He wants to help you make it, so that you may be adorned with the beauty of it. The Holy Spirit is Truth and Wisdom. He could use all human erudition to explain God’s mysterious actions, but He leads us like children, requiring us to turn to Him for enlightenment.


Believing God’s Love means making an act of Trust that He loves you, and thus He will take care of your soul. It is placing that which is the dearest, most precious part of your being into God’s Hands, into His love and letting Him do in you and with you as He pleases. This is the Act of Faith that He needs from you and that He wants to help you make. This is a sublime act, and thus utterly profound and utterly simple. Yes, it is scary for your humanity, for it means surrendering all control over your soul. But you are surrendering it to GOD. TO HIS LOVE.


Believing God’s Love means letting go of all your mental reservations with regard to how you think God sees you, and how He loves you, and whether you please Him or not. It means ceasing your human efforts to please Him, efforts that only trust in what you think, or what you have been told, pleases Him. Believing God’s Love means making an act of Trust that He loves you, and thus He will take care of your soul.


So, you have a Living Faith that believes God, believes His Words and His Actions in your life. Good. Now it is time to take the “next step.” The next step is to believe His Love (no, that was not a typo, we are speaking of believing God’s love, not just believing in God’s Love). You know that He loves you, but Living Faith requires a much deeper belief in His Love—-and this is the key to Perfect Abandonment, and it is what allows the Holy Spirit to take possession of you fully.


Restoring the simplicity of your relationship with God requires great Faith and abandonment. Ask the Holy Spirit to form you in these things, each day and each hour, taking advantage of everything to strengthen and deepen your Faith, your trust. The Holy Spirit has been at work in you throughout your life. Forming you in the Living Faith that believes God. Believes His Words. Believes His actions in your life, even those actions that are difficult to understand and even seem mysterious. Forming you so that in your heart you believe God.


How much weight, weariness and unnecessary burden have been added by human thoughts, to the understanding of what our relationship with the Three Persons of the Trinity should be like. By calling on the Holy Spirit, you can ask for help in restoring the simplicity of your relationship, in alleviating the burden, allowing you to turn to God in all simplicity and truth.


“Purity” is a word that is highly valued these days when speaking of our food and water. But when associated with a person, it is often mocked and derided. We live in a world that is corrupted by the enemy, who is like a volcano constantly belching smoke and filth, filling the very air around us. Because the smoke of the enemy is so pervasive, we absorb it without realizing it and without intending to, and we suffer the ravages and effect of the smoke. There is a remedy: She who is the Purifier. Mary Our Mother is the Immaculate Queen, the Depository and Fountain of all Purity. It is She who can show us how to live in this world that is so full of filth, and teach us about the True Purity that pleases God.


THE THREE PURITIES: The Human Manifestations that Reflect Their Spiritual Manifestations

1st Purity : Respecting one’s own body and integrity, and that of others. Guarding the senses and obeying God’s Commandments.

2nd Purity: Loving ourselves and others not because of usefulness or satisfaction, but out of and with a sincere Love. Seeking the good of the other person. Placing the good of your soul above a “nice feeling.” Seeking God for Himself, not for the sake of His gifts.

3rd Purity: Respecting and honoring the Mystery of God in your being and in the being of others. Letting God do whatever He wants in you without placing any obstacles in His way. Believing God and being entirely abandoned to Him.


THE THIRD PURITY CONT’D: The third purity consists in not impeding the action of God in the soul. To not muddy the Divine Action, the Divine Revelation, with human thoughts and criteria. This is the eternal purity that conquers all darkness. It is the purity that Satan lost. The Light of God shines sovereign; but in order for it to shine in YOU, the soul needs to be free of the filth of its own criteria, free of pride. Pride is the true mud that dirties the soul, and suffocates the growth of any little “plant” of God’s Grace growing in you. If you wish to be pure, for your Faith to be pure, you must cooperate with God and the Blessed Mother. Allow them to remove any sign of this mud in your being. If a seed of pride is threatening to spring up, call on your Blessed Mother and she will crush it as a Mother who steps on an insect so it does not sting Her children.


THE THIRD PURITY is the True Purity that fills Heaven with joy and permits the indwelling of God in the soul in fullness. It is the purity of Faith. It is to abandon all your own criteria, your own way of thinking, your own will so that there is nothing contrary to God in the soul. Beyond the purity of the body and of the senses, beyond the purity of the mind, is the Purity of Faith and of the Will. This is the purity that pleases God and that He is asking of you. The other two purities flow from it.


THE SECOND LEVEL OF PURITY CONT’D: You must seek God and the Blessed Mother because They love you. Because They call you so as to live together with you, sharing everything. In this way you will have everything and much more than you could ever desire. But do not seek Them because of the gifts. This would be a more serious stain than the physical impurity.


THE SECOND LEVEL OF PURITY: The first level of purity was of the body and the senses. The second level is the purity of the mind, of “feelings.” The second purity is to seek God for Himself, not for the sake of His gifts and graces, not in order to feel “nice” or wanting to feel “spiritual.” It is to seek God out of love for Him, without expecting any recompense. It is to seek God, to have the desire for Him, pure and clean. Free of any of the filth that is the desire to “feel,” that is, the desire for His gifts, for the gifts themselves. This would be to “use” God to obtain a satisfaction for myself.


THE FIRST LEVEL OF PURITY CONT’D: Offer God your efforts to be pure. Make an effort. Avoid what you can. Offer EVERYTHING to God. Go to Him in every battle. If you fall, get up again, looking at Him. Patience! The Fire of His Love consumes everything. Throw all temptations, all falls, into this Fire. Do we not admire the athlete who, even though he is hurt, continues the race? Or the warrior, who despite receiving blow after blow, wound after wound, gets up and continues fighting? And gets up and gets up? Do the same. We NEED God and Our Blessed Mother in order to be able to win this fight. We cannot do it alone. Do not be ashamed to go to them. They will help you. Give them everything. Call on Mary, call on Her Purity. Ask Her to cover you with Her mantle and do not be afraid.


THE FIRST LEVEL OF PURITY CONT’D: On a battlefield the General does not expect to be brought clean, clear water in a crystal cup without a single particle of dust. The General receives water in a canteen that is battered, half dirty, with signs of the battle, and with the drops of blood that the soldier shed in his effort to bring this water to his General. So it is with God and Our Blessed Mother. They see your love and desire to give Them refreshing water, and they see you adorned and made beautiful by the arduous effort. They do not see the number of blows or falls that the canteen has endured in order to reach them.


THE FIRST LEVEL OF PURITY: When one speaks of purity, one generally thinks of the purity of the body, and of chaste customs. Living chastely in the state of life of each person. And yes, it does have this meaning — to be a clean vessel so that when God gives His Living Water it is not dirtied or profaned by being in contact with a dirty vessel. And how much we suffer and struggle today trying to live this purity in a world that is so dirty. And how difficult it is to maintain it – the purity of the body and of the senses. It is one of the hidden martyrdoms of these times. You may see yourself as incapable of this purity. You see your falls and they fill you with sadness. But Our Father and the Blessed Mother see it differently. They KNOW how difficult, almost impossible it is to live this purity in these times. What They ask of us, what They see, is our EFFORT and our WILL.


In order to exist in this world and have God in our lives, we need to live Faith, Humility and Obedience. These Graces and Virtues are our defense and our shield. They help us to battle against the stench of this world, the weight of incredulity, the wounds of egoism. Our Blessed Mother is the perfect example of someone who lived a life of Obedience, Humility and Faith. Turn to Her, She will lead you to Jesus. Place everything in the Fire of Their Love and be purified. But What do we really mean by purity? What is the True Purity? In the next few days we will examine Three Levels of Purity; some of what you learn may surprise you.


“Purity” is a word that is highly valued these days when speaking of our food and water. But when associated with a person, it is often mocked and derided. We live in a world that is corrupted by the enemy, who is like a volcano constantly belching smoke and filth, filling the very air around us. Because the smoke of the enemy is so pervasive, we absorb it without realizing it and without intending to, and we suffer the ravages and effect of the smoke. There is a remedy: She who is the Purifier. Mary Our Mother is the Immaculate Queen, the Depository and Fountain of all Purity. It is She who can show us how to live in this world that is so full of filth, and teach us about the True Purity that pleases God.


God wants to hold each of His children in a close embrace.  He wants for there to exist a more profound union between you and Himself.  A union in which everything becomes more and more simple and essential: A Mutual Love that is manifested by your total trust in Him and by His absolute care for your being.  Ask your Abba for his grace.  Then receive it with Love and simplicity. Allow it to cement you in Him.  You will see how your trust and your Faith grow in the measure in which you let this Grace take root in you. 


God wanted the Communication of Love  between Himself and each of His children  to be the “normal” means of communicating—simple and trusting.  But because of Satan’s rebellion – the first one to refuse His Voice, and the disobedience of Adam and Eve — the second ones to reject His voice, this intimate grace was lost. The intimate union between the Creator and His creatures was broken and the interior communication was lost. It is only by means of simple childlike Faith, of obedience and humility, that this conversation with our Abba can be restored. 


God’s intimate conversations with His children, that He wants to have with each one of His children, is nothing other than Love that is given and Love that is received and given again—Love that becomes words, thoughts, feelings, knowledge.  But always Love. It is the union of two hearts, two thoughts, that communicate with each other by means of Love.


God wishes to speak to you. His voice and His words are simple, receive them simply. Ask for the help of your Blessed Mother, She who is the Queen of all Grace. She who knows how to receive, welcome, and obey the Will of the Father made Words.


GOD wishes to communicate with all His children. But He needs our faith and openness to allow His grace to take root in us. A grace that comes with the Cross. His training is not easy, but our trust in Him allows Him to act in us. The first step is to take times of silence with Him in all simplicity.  With childlike trust, lay your head on His Heart, and wait for His voice. Your faith in Him is your shield. Do not be afraid to open your ears. 


Arise, beloved children of God, your Captain is calling. Arise without fear and without doubt. Arise in the great assurance and hope of He who calls you to do so. Let Him clothe you in His armor and place upon your head the helmet and crown of His Will. Receive it in obedience and Faith and it will be your protection. The great trumpet will sound. God will begin His Reconquest.


Light defeats darkness. The darkness in our world can only be defeated by the Light of Love. As we allow the Blessed Mother to help heal our wounds, we become more able to love fully and to be fully possessed by the Love of God, and of our Blessed Mother. In this way we become both BEACONS and SHIELDS for all our more seriously wounded brothers and sisters.


Bring your wounded heart to Mother Mary. Allow Her to help you to distinguish among the types of wounds that you bear, so that what must be healed now can be healed by Her love. As her child, go to Her once again so that She can help to heal you of what is an obstacle to God’s full possession of your soul. Take your heart and place it in Her hands and do not be afraid to uncover your deepest wounds before her. Allow Her to heal the wounds that cause you so much sorrow.


OTHER WOUNDS/WOUNDS CAUSED BY SIN AND EVIL – There are also the wounds of your past actions, thoughts and experiences. Things that you have done that have hurt you. And wounds dealt by the enemy through others. The enemy is intent on destroying you, wounding you as he wounded Jesus. But the enemy is also a stealthy coward who cloaks his actions and attacks by using others, other weak souls who have become his instruments without realizing it. His tactics must be uncovered, brought out into the open, so that they may be defeated. Even though you have been wounded by the actions and words of others, in reality it is the enemy who has inflicted these wounds on you.


THE WOUND OF WOUNDS –This wound is caused by God’s love for you and it won’t be healed until you are united to Him forever. It is the wound that marks you as His possession. It is the Wound of the everlasting longing to return to the Embrace of Love, and from which, as a consequence of Original Sin, you have been exiled for a while. This wound is the most painful. But it is not a death-dealing wound that can be corrupted/infected and lead you to eternal darkness. Rather it is a death-dealing wound to all that is [too] human in you, all that is an obstacle to God’s love and to your mission. It is a mysterious wound that is Life and Death at the same time; light and darkness; ineffable joy and excruciating pain.


WOUNDS OF THEIR PASSION – This wound is the suffering you share with Jesus and Mary, it is a share in Their Passion, and you bear it for the sake of all your lost and suffering brothers and sisters. God gives you the strength and courage to bear with this suffering so that you can continue to carry them. These wounds are like royal jewels adorning your soul.


Your Blessed Mother wants to tend to your wounds: to all that has hurt you, and that pains you in the depths of your heart. Bring your wounds and sufferings to Her and lay them bare before the Mother who loves you so that She may begin to cleanse, cure, heal and strengthen your heart. Allow Her to help you understand the different types of wounds.


We have spoken of Abba, your Heavenly Father. But for a soul to bloom, to be fruitful, it needs the nourishment of the Love of the Father and of Our Mother. Your Blessed Mother wants to take you by the hand, as a Mother leads her small child, and lead you little by little to Her Son. She wants to guide you, help you and console you. As a Mother, She also wants to help heal your wounds.


God wants to speak directly to you. So that you may be anchored in Him in perfect trust, casting off all fears. Abba, your Father, wants to tell you of His love for you, so that this LOVE will be your joy—as your love for Him is His Joy. Imagine Him, your Abba, embracing you, thanking you for your love and trust.


You are hungry for God’s love; come and drink from it copiously. Come and clothe yourself in His love that makes you beautiful, whole and full of life. Come and rest in His love, and yes, die in His love. Allow Him to put to death in you all that is not His. Come and rest your head on His Heart and let Him speak of His love for you. Believe that He has words of love that are ONLY FOR YOU and that He is anxious to share them with you.


Love God as a little child loves a Father whose love for you is infinite. Whose love and tenderness are poured out “exclusively” for you. Because they are. Only God can love in such a way.


Our acts of Faith are reparation, expiation, formation, and above all, consolation for the Heart of our God. He asks us to love Him, to trust Him, to give Him the GIFT of our absolute Faith in Him. THIS is how the world is saved. THIS is how justice and peace prevail. THIS is how order is restored, how love flourishes. Only THIS way: through our FAITH AND TRUST IN GOD.


It is so difficult to comprehend how infinite is God’s Mercy. How vast, how unfathomable is His Love. God wishes to save all, to have all with Him forever. He works ceaselessly, using every means available to pour out His mercy and to draw His children to Him. Do not be afraid. God wants you with Him forever and if you want that too, then believe that He will accomplish this


The Father asks many of His children to help Him in His work of Mercy. Their suffering, when united to that of Jesus, brings much grace to many suffering and lost souls. Their crown in heaven shines brightly because of their generosity and cooperation with God. How beautiful is the entrance into Paradise of those who have let God accomplish His will in them.


The veil of our humanity and ignorance limits our understanding of God’s actions. But by making acts of Faith and Trust we permit God’s actions within us and cooperate with Him. We give Him his rightful place in our lives as our Father, our God and our King! In other words: Faith, so that God can act!


God’s actions and plans are not limited by this world, by life or death or time. They encompass all. They are infinite. But the veil of our humanity prevents us from being able to see and comprehend this. This is why we must make an ACT OF FAITH in Him. A Living Faith defeats darkness and sin.


God’s love, His actions, and what He allows are beyond the limits of time and space. He loves in the eternal present where He sees not just what you are now, but what He will make of you. Thus He acts. Thus He loves…you.


God’s actions can be so mysterious and seem so difficult—impossible—to understand, even for those—perhaps especially for those—who love and believe in Him.But in faith we trust that all that He has done, said or allowed is steeped in Love; is Love made action. Love made words. Love made nourishment.Because HE IS LOVE.


Throughout the centuries, for over two thousand years, during times of war, famine, plague pestilence and peace, Christ’s Resurrection and Victory over darkness and death is still celebrated. It is still true. It is still real.Christ, Our King, Our God, Our Lord! Stand up! Lift up your heads and turn your eyes to the Risen Christ! To the Heavens! Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia! Christ is Risen! Truly He is Risen! Our Redemption is at hand!


What pleases God even more than lofty meditations,  is our FAITH and OBEDIENCE. This is your true act of Love for Him, and the truest way to reciprocate His Love. God could grant you  visions and mystical experiences, but what He “needs” from you is your hand in His, walking with Him in docility along the way He wishes to guide you. Your trust in His love for you, and in what He wants to do in you and through you. 


Do you want to quench Jesus’ terrible thirst?  Do you want to console His Sorrowful Mother? What could be more refreshing, more consoling to Them than to see your faithful face accompanying them along the difficult and painful road of blind Faith and Obedience?  Walking together, working together, suffering together, loving together. How exhausting.  But how necessary and how life-giving. It is the victory over Satan and darkness in the reconquest of every heart created by the Father. What could be more glorious? 


Let us live these days united with Jesus and with each other, in spirit, in the great Mission of Reconquest, offering even the smallest action and the simplest work for the sake of our brothers and sisters. In this way, you are living the Paschal Mystery. You are actively united by your Faith to the work of Redemption. 


During this week, unite your mission to that of Jesus so that your mission and His Mission become one reality: the simple yet immense Mission of obeying Our Father, of believing Him, of Loving Him above all things, so that ALL may have Life eternal. And by making continual acts of Faith in Jesus and in His life-giving actions—out of Love for Him—you will open the door for all of His actions in your life and that of others, such that the fullness of Life might descend, dwell and radiate to all who live in darkness. 


Do you wish to draw closer to Jesus and Mary during this unprecedented Holy Week? Every act of Trust, of Love, of Obedience you make, places you in the company of Jesus and His Mother on the way to Calvary. When you unite your faith to Them, you place yourself at the foot of the Cross.   You share with Them the terrible, terrible hours of waiting for His glorious return. They welcome your company. You are solace for Their Hearts. 


The Church is living anew the Paschal Mystery, and her faithful children, are carrying upon their shoulders their blind and wounded brothers and sisters.  Carrying them to the place of Infinite Mercy, so that all Her children—the captive, wounded and dying—might be healed, freed and brought back to life.  The place of Infinite Mercy is Christ’s Heart.  The painful, difficult road is the road of Faith, Trust and Abandonment. 


Are you anxious and wondering about how to live this different kind of Holy Week? Think about what was the essence of these days for Jesus: it was LOVE and OBEDIENCE.  All of Christ’s actions and words are contained in these two simple words, these two acts of the Will.  Every minute of what He, His Mother and those who understood Them lived was to show us how to live Love and Obedience. Those who truly wish to follow Jesus are in a school of true, living Faith.  A Faith that can only be lived out IN Love, and BY Obedience to what the Father asks of us, regardless of how foolish that obedience may seem. 


If every person knew how much the Father needs their love, their unique, irreplaceable love, they would not feel sad, or unfulfilled or unwanted. If you want to help others learn of God’s love for them, you must first allow Him to love you fully. Place yourself in His Presence and let His love cover you, caress you, like the morning sun caresses the fields and mountains, making them bright, beautiful and full of LIFE.


How can you help God? First, you can help by letting Him fill you with Himself, making of you a complete possession of His Love. Second, by trusting Him, and therefore obeying Him, He can make you a trustworthy “anchor” among family, friends and co-workers to which He can tie souls that are adrift. Third, He can make you a “beacon” of His light and truth, a living example of love for Him, that others can see. A beacon to help them to look to Heaven and to Him, to know Truth and so be less afraid during this unprecedented time, and always.


Even during this time in the tomb—perhaps particularly during this time— God constantly sends His love out to us like shafts of Light into the hearts of His children. How sad He must be when so few respond; so many refuse to recognize Him. This is why He needs you. He needs your help. You can help console the Heart of God.


God is God: all-powerful, all-present, all-knowing. No one can add anything to these attributes. But He is also LOVE, and LOVE “needs” to be poured out into someone. He needs, He is hungry for union with someone—and that someone is you. His love goes out to you to fill you, in order to bring you back and unite you to Him forever.


We know that we need God, but have you ever thought that God needs you? Yes, your God who loves you, “needs” you. He needs you as a Father whose heart needs the love of His children. He needs you as the King and General needs his soldiers. He needs you as the Master needs the help of His servants. He needs you as a spring of water needs a water course to fill. He “needs” you because He loves you. If God did not love you, He would not need you. And HOW MUCH He must need you, loving you as He does.


We know that God has infinite and great plans for His children, prepared from all eternity. We know that He will crush the head of the serpent and bring LIGHT to all His children. We are His children, but this is a time when our humanity might feel as if it is being stretched to its limits. Rest in His arms with your head against His chest. He is our Abba, our Father. Put your hand in His.


Trust that God has the life of your soul in His hands and in His Heart during this time and always. And the more we consciously surrender to His Will, the more we allow Him to act in us and through us— is for our good and our glory, and for the help of our brothers and sisters. Surrender to Him.


Are you beginning to feel restless and bored? Let your heart cry out to Him, and offer to Him your feelings of boredom and uselessness. Don’t worry. He will not be shocked or angry. He understands and loves us. He will use our feelings as part of the “cement” to make us trust Him more completely!


Each day let the knowledge of God’s love for you sink more deeply into your heart, so that His life in you may become even more fruitful. Let Him take you deeper and deeper into the Ocean of Trust that He wants from each of us. Let Him “cement” you, “ root” you in Him so that NOTHING can shake or separate you from Him. NOTHING can make you tremble.


During our time in the tomb, we might experience a double-darkness: obscurity for our mind, reason and logic; and obscurity for our hearts, feelings and desires. If this is the case then know that God is calling you to trust Him, believe Him, and obey Him in this complete darkness of Faith. This can be a time of great growth in Faith, a growth that will help you to help our brothers and sisters who are feeling even more lost. A time in darkness in order to bring about great Light!


For all of God’s storm-battered children. Trust that He understands what each of us is living now, and how each of us is suffering. He understands you. He loves you. During this difficult time He wants to form you in a truer living Faith. A more purified Faith that trusts Him beyond all human reason. Trust Him.