Protecting the Little Children

After Holy Communion,
I felt the beating of the Heart of Jesus in my own heart.
… I am adoring Jesus in my heart
and asking Him, by His grace,
to protect little children from the evil that threatens them.

From St. Faustina’s Diary
Divine Mercy In My Soul


“Souls who look to my Mother as to their star shining in the night will never go astray and will never lost sight of the path that leads to me and to the glory of My Kingdom. There is no safer way of coming to Me than through My Mother and under the mantle of Her protection. Those who think they can journey through this life without My Mother’s companionship and intercession are blinded by a terrible pride and they sin against My dispositions made from the Cross:

“Woman, behold thy son. Behold thy mother.” 
It is My positive will that all the souls should learn of My Mother and live in Her company. It is My positive will that souls should so abandon themselves into My Mother’s keeping that they will be like little children held tightly against Her Immaculate Heart.”

The Journal of a Priest at Prayer


Friday, Jan. 24
National March for Life
Washington D.C.

Saturday, Jan. 25
Texas Rally for Life – Austin
1:00 P.M. Capitol Grounds

Austin Pro-Life Rally Bus leaves Sts. Peter & Paul
Church  at 10:30 A.M. on Saturday, Jan, 25.
To sign up for your free ticket go to:



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