Prayer Should Flow In Both Directions

Yes, that is Fr. John Mary blessing a basket of rocks!
A friend who lives at a great distance requested some blessed rocks from the Mission because she wished to give them to family members. It is her way of sharing some of the graces she experienced at the Mission with her family. It reminded me of a quote that we used here recently:
“The blessing of the priest
is a great means by which
good is made to triumph over evil,
love over hatred,
and mercy over judgement.”
From “In Sinu Jesu”
When Heart Speaks to Heart
The Journal of a Priest at Prayer

But prayer should flow in both directions. The graces that God bestows on His priests at their Ordination do not come without cost to them. As Jesus reminds St. Faustina, we need to pray for our priests:

Today, I saw the Lord in great beauty, and He said to me, “My loving host, pray for priests, especially during this time of harvest.”
From the Diary of St. Faustina
Divine Mercy In My Soul

Blessing of the Holy Souls Memorial Bricks
Saturday, November 2

Fr. John Mary will bless all of the Memorial Bricks after the 8:00 a.m. Mass on the Feast of All Souls.

October – this month is dedicated to The Holy Rosary and Respect for Life from conception until natural death.

“…and blessed is the fruit of thy womb…”



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