Seeing Beyond Appearances

finding peace through the queen of peace

Dear Friends, In these dark days where people are feeling anxious and angry, we want to remind you about turning to your Blessed Mother, the Queen of Peace. Your Heavenly Mother wants to accompany you throughout your day, in whatever you are doing. She will be your strong shield in repelling the attacks of the evil one, because behind all the attacks, difficulties and barriers that you experience, lurks the enemy who is always trying to divide and destroy. She will help you to resist and defeat his actions. With Her. In Her. She will provide the peace you need in order to see beyond appearances, and judge situations as they TRULY are, not as he would have you see them and react to them. Be at peace in Her. Everything passes. All that will truly remain is our union with God and Our Heavenly Mother. Invoke Her peace over yourselves and your families as a mantle, as a protective shield. Breathe in Her peace. Drink it. Let it refresh your souls. Take a breath. Say Her Name and ask for Her Peace.  She will come and surround you and help you. Because She is Your Heavenly Mother who loves you infinitely. She is Mary Most Holy, the Queen of Peace. The Mission of Divine Mercy

A Change of Scenery

The Community is getting a break from the Texas heat with their vacation.

Mother Magdalene pauses on her walk to visit with a canine friend while a horse grazes nearby.
Bro. Mikael and a mountain goat are ascending Holy Cross Mountain. The mountain goat is the one in the background.

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