Praying for Our Country

…I understood that if it had not been for the prayers of souls that are pleasing to God, that whole nation would have already been reduced to nothingness. Oh, how I suffer for that nation which has banished God from its borders! (#818)

Divine Mercy In My Soul: The Diary of St. Faustina


A troubled heart is always an indication of one’s lack of trust in Me. Trouble, interior disquiet, comes from wanting to control and manage the things that are better left to My Father’s providence.  At every moment, I provide you with occasions to trust Me and to abandon to Me the things that you would prefer to see other than they are.  Whenever you come up against something that contradicts your plans or fails to meet your expectations, give that thing, that situation, that disappointment to Me.  Entrust it to My Heart, and then relinquish all worry over it.  ( March 3, 2016)

IN SINU JESU: When Heart Speaks to Heart.

Community Goes to New Mexico

The Community will be in New Mexico, July 1-15th. The Mission office will continue to be open throughout July and Sacramentals will also be available. There will be no Masses on the weekends of July 4-5 and July 11-12.


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