Our Friendship with the Saints

I rejoiced greatly at the fact of
how much the saints think of us
and of how closely we are united with them.
Oh, the goodness of God!
How beautiful is the spiritual world,
that already here on earth we commune with the saints!

Words of St. Faustina
From the Diary of St. Faustina
Divine Mercy In My Soul

I never wanted to leave you alone on earth;
that is why I have always surrounded you with My saints.
I wanted, and want still, that you should find in them a true friendship,
a friendship that is all pure, a friendship that does not disappoint.
Through the saints and by their ceaseless intercession for you
before My Face, you will, at length, come to Me in glory.
Do no cease invoking My saints and teach other to seek from
them the help they need in the trials of this life on earth.
In heaved, the saints will all be glad for having
helped you make your way to Me in glory.
(Oct.10, 2007)

From “In Sinu Jesu”
When Heart Speaks to Heart
The Journal of a Priest at Prayer

November – this month is dedicated to The Holy Souls in Purgatory



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