Love & Mercy Revealed

The Incarnation: The Word Becomes Flesh

During Advent, a great yearning for God arose in my soul.
My spirit rushed toward God with all its might.
During that time, the Lord gave me much light to know His attributes

The third attribute is love and mercy.
And I understood that the greatest attribute is love and mercy.
It unites the creature with the Creator.
This immense love and abyss of mercy
are made known in the Incarnation of the Word
and in the Redemption (of humanity),
and it is here that I saw this
as the greatest of all God’s attributes.

From St. Faustina’s Diary
Divine Mercy In My Soul


Christmas Eve – 9:00 p.m.
Christmas Day – 11:00 a.m. (no choir)


Almost all of MDM’s vehicles have come as gifts from friends of the Mission who donated their vehicle to us when they were ready to buy a new one. Our friends get a tax break and we get a reliable vehicle. We have been very fortunate this way.

But there have also been several individuals who wanted to donate a vehicle, when we had no need for one. And we have found that the process of a non-profit accepting a vehicle for the purpose of reselling it for cash is very problematic and complicated. This is discouraging for both parties.

However, we have just filed the paperwork with a nationwide program that will allow MDM to accept donated vehicles, without having to re-title them in MDM’s name and without paying any taxes on them. We will now be able to accept any and all vehicles, RVs, campers, boats, etc. that folks want to donate to the Mission. A third-party company will pick up the vehicles, auction them and pay us 85% of the net proceeds. That company will file all the paperwork and work with the donors.

Holy Angels, please protect what we hope will be a win/win for all!

First, you chop down a tree…

Br. Mikael is learning woodworking, using traditional methods that
pre-date power tools.

The process has required him to construct his own work stations.

He is making good use of the overabundance of juniper ash trees found on the Mission property.

His current project involves turning tree branches into candle holders for the altar servers.




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