Life Amid Storms and Rainbows

Sr. Amapola took this photo recently from the yard of the Sister’s house. How could I resist using it ? So I looked to see if St. Faustina had something to say about rainbows…

I know that I am under Your special gaze, O Lord.
I do not examine with fear Your plans regarding me;
my task is to accept everything from Your hand.
I do not fear anything,
although the storm is raging, and frightful bolts strike all around me,
and I then feel quite alone.
Yet, my heart senses You, and my trust grows,
and I see all Your omnipotence which upholds me.
With You, Jesus, I go through life, amid storms and rainbows,
with a cry of joy, singing the song of Your mercy.
I will not stop singing my song of love until the
choir of Angels picks it up. (#761)
From Divine Mercy In My Soul The Diary of St. Faustina
“The blessing of the priest is a great means
by which good is made to triumph over evil,
love over hatred and mercy over judgment.
Similarly, the blessing given with
the relics of My saints pleases Me much.
I am glorified in My saints,
and I pass through them
to distribute the riches of My Heart
in the universe of souls.”
(Oct. 10, 2007)
From “In Sinu Jesu”
When Heart Speaks to Heart
The Journal of a Priest at Prayer

New Crucifix Being Prepared for Tepeyac

By the time you are reading this, a new Crucifix may be in place at the Teocalli. A plain white, life-size resin figure of Christ was imported from Mexico and then painted by our good friend and artist, Tim Sutherland, whose work can be found throughout the Mission. It will then be attached to a large wooden cross, created specifically for the location in the Teocalli by Tim and Steve Magdich. Thanks, guys, for your great work.

October – this month is dedicated to The Holy Rosary and Respect for Life from conception until natural death.

“…and blessed is the fruit of thy womb…”



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