He is a Lavish Provider

learning to trust

With the confidence of a child, I throw myself into Your arms, O Father of Mercy, to make up for the unbelief of so many souls who are afraid to trust in You. Oh, how very few souls really know You! 
(#505) Divine Mercy in My Soul: The Diary of St. Faustina


So much time and energy is wasted in futile worrying and in endless discussions about what is needed and how to go about getting it. Simply present your needs to Me with a trusting heart and I will show you that I am a lavish provider for those who let Me take charge of their needs. The obstinate desire to control all things and to obtain by purely human means the things necessary to My work is an affront both to My merciful love and to My infinite generosity. Has this not been My message all through sacred history: “Trust Me, and you shall see wonder”?

…How does one come to that degree of trust? By entrusting to Me the very little things, day by day, as they arise, and by leaving them to Me. 
(February 3, 2009) In Sinu Jesu: When Heart Speaks to Heart


MDM Maintenance Continues Even in Intense Heat!

Steve, Dave and Raul tool advantage of the Community’s absence to work on the properties even as the thermometer marked record highs.

Dave and Raul working on Bethany's deck
Beautiful result!
Raul and Dave painting the Casita
Work done!
Steve patching holes
Raul fixing the sidewalk

Men Needed for Sunday Volunteers

Sunday Mass at Tepeyac requires a larger number of  volunteers to:

  • Greet people at the gate,
  • Direct parking,
  • Drive golf-carts
  • Usher on Tepeyac

We have a great crew of volunteers, but the Covid situation has eliminated some of our older volunteers for the time being.  Getting some new faces would help everyone.  So if you have been thinking about  volunteering, or are thinking about it for the first time: please email Bob Williams at bob@missionofdivinemercy.org.  Thank you!


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