From His Wounds

During last Sunday’s blessing of the new Crucifix at the Teocalli Fr. John Mary touched the Relic of the True Cross to the Five Wounds of Christ.

…I saw a great radiance and,
in the midst of it, God the Father.
Between this radiance and the earth I saw Jesus,
nailed to the Cross in such a way
that when God wanted to look at the earth,
He had to look through the wounds of Jesus.
And I understood that it was for the sake of Jesus
that God blesses the earth. (#60) – St. Faustina

“From all My wounds, like from streams,
mercy flows for souls,
but the wound in My Heart
is the fountain of unfathomable mercy.
From this fountain
spring all graces for souls.” – Jesus (#1190)

The procession began from the back of St. Joseph Chapel and continued over the high road to Tepeyac Hill.

November – this month is dedicated to The Holy Souls in Purgatory



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