Comfort for Those Who Only See Darkness

It is My Mother who makes even the darkest night bright with the radiance of Her beauty and, in doing  so, she comforts those souls who see nought but darkness all about them, and she leads them on securely in great inner peace….

Those who think they can journey through this life without My Mother’s companionship and intercession are blinded by a terrible pride and they sin against My dispositions made from the Cross: “Woman, behold thy son…. Behold, thy mother.” It is My positive will that all souls should learn of My Mother and live in Her company.

My Mother honors every consecration made to her Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart, and even if one should forget that one has uttered such a prayer, My Mother does not forget it.  She remains faithful to her own children, even when these are distracted by the world and turn away from her brightness shining like a star over the stormy seas of life….

My Mother is the Queen of Mercy.  She is the refuge of sinners. She is the safe hiding place of those who live in fear of being attacked or harmed by the powers of darkness, or wounded in spiritual combat.  (Dec. 6, 2014)

IN SINU JESU: When Heart Speaks to Heart

Men Needed for Sunday Volunteers

Sunday Mass at Tepeyac requires a larger number of  volunteers to:

  • Greet people at the gate,
  • Direct parking,
  • Drive golf-carts
  • Usher on Tepeyac

We have a great crew of volunteers, but the Covid situation has eliminated some of our older volunteers for the time being.  Getting some new faces would help everyone.  So if you have been thinking about  volunteering, or are thinking about it for the first time: please email Bob Williams at  Thank you!


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