A Mystery Full of Grace and Light

Second Sunday of Advent

This coming week we will celebrate two beautiful Marian feasts:

December 9 – Feast of the Immaculate Conception (not considered a Holy Day of Obligation this year)

December 12 – Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe

“Spend this Advent 
…close to Me in the Sacrament of My love
…Offer Me yourself, and I will offer you with Me to our Father.
Seek out the company of My Immaculate Mother
and of the saints.
Learn to live with them now
so that you will live with them in eternity.
Honor My Mother
in the mystery of Her Immaculate Conception.
This is a mystery full of grace and of light
for those who ponder it.
It is the remedy for many of the ills
that afflict my priests and poison their souls.
Invoke My Mother conceived without sin
and she will communicate to you something of the purity
and brightness of her all-holy and immaculate Heart.”

From “In Sinu Jesu”
When Heart Speaks to Heart
The Journal of a Priest at Prayer

Community members visiting with friends after Mass on the first Sunday of Advent.


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