“My husband Marcus and I went for the first time to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass on August 20 at the Mission of Divine Mercy. We were speechless for a while after Mass. The reverence. The music. The communion rails. The veils. The Holy of Holies celebrated and worshiped as He should be. Thank you so very much for welcoming us so warmly. We just moved into the area and have found our spiritual home.” – Selma


“When I experienced my reversion, the biggest obstacle by far was a lack of trust in Our Lord, the desire to profess a sincere faith while taking care of my own business as I thought fit & keeping the control of it to myself. Once in Confession, the priest told me to say: Jesus, I trust in You, over & over & over & over again throughout the day, 250 times or more if necessary, & he promised that over time, it would seep into my mind, heart, & soul, & Our Lord would make it true. And so it was… I recited/prayed it when the kids were out late & I was worried, when I couldn’t sleep, thinking about work, finances, health, family, society, the world, what have you, & it was very soon effective in gaining for me that much-needed rest, when I got into a difficult spot while driving, in dialogue w/ a co-worker, anywhere, anytime, under any conditions….. — & today I can & will shout it out from the rooftops that I am a different self because of this simple, direct, repetitive practice, a different person, living a different life in Him, Whom I trust. Praise God!” – Monica


“The reverence with which Father says Mass here always helps me to quiet my noisy mind and focus on what is happening at the altar.  It doesn’t matter whether it is a big feast day or an ordinary weekday Mass, the reverence for the Eucharist is always the same.” – Paul


“The ‘Walk with Jesus and Mary’ was a great, simple spiritual getaway for me. The booklet was really helpful.” – Emily


“I have never felt so close to the Lord: the setting, the land, the different places to sit with Jesus.” – M


“Here at the Mission was the first time I found the ‘silence’ that I so longed for…. The silence is where I not only hear my God speaking and sense His pruning, but also filling me again so that I can be of service.” – P


“Just a quick note to thank you for all the hard work the Community and staff put into all the Holy Week services.  Everything was under control and so amazingly organized.  This was my second experience of the Walking Way of the Cross and I was so, so touched by the readings.” – Christine


“I’ve been enjoying the messages of Faith & Trust so much!  They are like a life raft in a sea of anxiety this year. My friend and I talk about them with each other, and I know they have been a blessing to her in this time of new parenthood.” – L


“I want you to know how grateful I am that the Mission is once again providing a Holy Hour!  That time is so precious to me.  My world is full of constant motion and noise, and Adoration is the one place I truly find peace.” – Cathy


“I hope [with this contribution] that I buy a Brother some new shoes. I hope that it buys a Sister a new habit. I hope that I can kneel before the Lord on the day of my judgement and say: ‘With the money You gave me, I helped to provide a fighting uniform for one of Your warriors.’” – Patrick