“When I experienced my reversion, the biggest obstacle by far was a lack of trust in Our Lord, the desire to profess a sincere faith while taking care of my own business as I thought fit & keeping the control of it to myself. Once in Confession, the priest told me to say: Jesus, I trust in You, over & over & over & over again throughout the day, 250 times or more if necessary, & he promised that over time, it would seep into my mind, heart, & soul, & Our Lord would make it true. And so it was… I recited/prayed it when the kids were out late & I was worried, when I couldn’t sleep, thinking about work, finances, health, family, society, the world, what have you, & it was very soon effective in gaining for me that much-needed rest, when I got into a difficult spot while driving, in dialogue w/ a co-worker, anywhere, anytime, under any conditions….. — & today I can & will shout it out from the rooftops that I am a different self because of this simple, direct, repetitive practice, a different person, living a different life in Him, Whom I trust. Praise God!” – Monica