Listening to the Lord: An Important Announcement from the Mission of Divine Mercy

Fr. John Mary offers a brief account of MDM’s experience with prophetic messages and reads the first publicly released Message: A Call to All the Children of God

A Call to All the Children of God

February 8, 2024
Message Received in Spanish by Sr. Amapola

[Our Blessed Mother] I will speak first, daughter.  Write.

From My new Tepeyac I speak to you, children.

From My Sanctuary I send you My Love and My Consolation, and once more I tell you to look at My Son and to do everything that He tells you to do.

He is the living Word of the Father, His Love made flesh for you.

Children, the battle looms and you are asleep.  I come to awake you; as a good Mother who, being vigilant and keeping watch over Her children, and seeing the increasing danger, shakes her children so that they may not perish without fighting.

Children, these are the times announced from of old, in which the thrice cursed serpent will poison many, and meddle in what is Ours, and will rise to confuse the nations with his puppets, his servants, to destroy all that is of God and to take His place and sovereignty.  His longing to be adored and his hatred for God have motivated him to prepare for centuries what is now being unveiled before your eyes….



We are the Mission of Divine Mercy (MDM), a small Catholic religious community.

The focus of our apostolates is the Person of Jesus and His Eucharistic Presence; and the hope that His Mercy gives.  This is the essence of what we hope to share with others.

Mission of Divine Mercy is also the name of the place where we live and carry out our ministry.  It is located in the rural hill country, halfway between San Antonio and Austin.  Most people just refer to our center as “the Mission.”

“Mankind will not have peace until it turns with trust to My mercy.”

The words of Jesus to St. Faustina
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In our current culture, almost anything goes.  But the Mission is different.  It is consecrated to Jesus and Mary.  Experiencing the Mission begins with respecting Them, the people around you, and yourselfThis includes how we dress.

Getting to Know Us:

This first six-minute video offers a simple introduction to the Mission of Divine Mercy: our religious community, our apostolate, and our prophetic mission.

If you have watched our brief “Introduction to MDM” video and want to learn more about us, we recommend “MDM 101: Faith, History and Prophecy.” In this hour-long video, Fr. John Mary recounts the fascinating but painful path of God’s formation of our Community and our charism.

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